Yes of course! Our products are specially made to provide the cleanliness to your homes that you have always wanted by preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. When our products are sent to you, they do not consist of your desired cleaning products but also years of experience and expert analysis of the manufacturer.

Everyone loves a healthy living and a hygienic environment. JhaaruPocha makes sure that you successfully get rid of all such factors that can be hindrance in prevalence of a healthy surrounding. They reduce the presence of germs, that cause diseases, from your floorings, furnishes and surfaces.

If you are looking for reliable products that will not just break down the next day and are made from good quality after years of testing, then JhaaruPocha is just the place for you. Also, another merit is that all you need is delivered to your home by us.

No, absolutely not. Our products are Eco friendly. The chemicals are formulated in a way that they can adhere no harmful effects on the environment.

You can easily reach us through email: and phone: +923362334608 where our support staff is available to guide you 24/7.

We have cleaning products related to sweeping, floor care, cleaning and chemicals, brushes, equipment, restroom supplies, window care and waste management.

Our cleaning products like brooms, mops  are safe to use. However, chemicals like phenyls and bleaches should be avoided from coming in contact with the skin.

You should immediately wash your skin with water and if there is any itching and redness, a skin specialist should be seen.

We understand how toddlers love to crawls across the floors and the pets love to sit down peacefully. Therefore, our products are manufactured in a way that they leave no harmful residues behind.


Our office is located at F-131 mezzanine floor central mall Saddar behind Gul Plaza Karachi

Wishlist is the list of desired products that you can save for future reference or purchase.

If the product is damaged or defective, JhaaruPocha offering a full warranty for replacing it within a reasonable time.

Yes, you can change or cancel the order. Contact us on WhatsApp: +923362334608 for immediate response.

Our services are operating all over Pakistan.

We are open from 1 pm till 8 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Yes, free shipping is available for you if you order products over Rs. 3000.

We understand that sometimes you might not be satisfied with the products hence we have a 7 day return policy.